Our story

Our story began in 1980 with Angelos Charous setting the foundations for our company in a small area of 100m2 in the village of Aradippou in Larnaca and the founding of Aggelos Charous LTD in 1990.

Since then, we continued to grow and focus on quality, price, detail and excellent customer service from design level to production. This allows us to rank amongst the leading woodworking companies in Cyprus.

Our goal for the coming years is to strengthen our position in the local market and further expand in foreign markets.

Our people

Today, we are employing more than 35 permanent staff with experience, technical expertise and knowledge. The professionalism of our people is what guarantees new collaborations and innovative results.

Our facilities

In 1994 our Company relocated to our privately owned premises and factory of 6,000m2. Our many years of experience and constant investing in modern mechanical equipment, has enabled us to expand our production in a wide range of carpentry products, both for residential and commercial use.

By working with the best suppliers, in combination with our respect for our customers, we managed to lay a solid foundation and quickly won the trust of the Cypriot market.

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